ANZ Roller Skate Open Was Mindblowing

by Marta

If you watched the ANZ Roller Skate Open 21 your jaw probably hit the ground at some point or another. The digital roller skating video edit contest enabled skaters from Australia and New Zealand to show their skills, style and creativity at their skate parks and ramps of choice. ANZ Roller Skate Open is presented by The Few a digital events platform specialising in competitive action sports and activities. You can rewatch all entries on their YouTube Channel.

17 & under
1. Thomas Murphy; 2 Francesca Nagle; 3. Phoenix Clucas; 4. Greta O’Donoghue
1. Garry Manfroid; 2. Aaron (Spoon) Knight; 3. Thomas Murphy; 4. Zoe Ramsden
1. Ebby Nixy
1. Vashti Rufus-Wilson; 2. Steve; 3. Gabriella Zussino; 4. Aaron (Spoon) Knight
1. Garry Manfroid; 2. Rose Crooks; 3. Max; 4. Roz Slade
Best trick: Vashti RW 360 to star grind
Best video: Steve
Best style: Gabriella Zussino
Most progressive: Garry Manfroid
Hosts choice: Sasha Berg

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Photo: Screenshot of Garry Manfroid

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